"Hailing from Arkansas with a Southern Belle flare, Lauren is making big waves on the radio with her pop-rock style!"

- KIdzbop

"Lauren is an incredible singer who uses her voice to help others. Lauren is a young, brilliant, and talented singer who is just getting started!"

- Celebrity Interviews!

Thanks for visiting my site. I was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I currently live in Los Angeles, California. My first love was ballet. I performed The Nutcracker with Western Arkansas Ballet for 15 years consecutively (ages 3 - 18). Playing Clara in the seventh grade was my favorite role. I loved the pas de duex (dance of two), being thrown in the air and of course then being caught. My teen years were bumpy, feeling helpless and out of control, I discovered the power of music the first time I heard Ben Harper. Shortly after, I began channeling my emotions into songwriting. You can check out my album New Life on all streaming platforms. And from birth, I have been story telling through acting. Whether as child playing out post-apocalyptic scenarios in my bedroom when in "time out" or when getting my first network costar on my favorite TV show (Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom), I love any format where I can empathize and connect to others. It is my life's greatest joy. Thank you for connecting with me.